August 5, 2020

Tv Time Add-on Service

Tv Time is a service similar to Big Erns Tv. It boasts over 9000 live tv channels that includes all your favorite networks, sports, movie channels and more. There are adult channels, sports game packages, PPVs and even over 1,000 24/7 channels! In addition, there is approx 800 movies and 200 series available on demand as well. Heres a videoshowing some of the content…

The Tv Time service is available as an add-on to your Big Erns or Clear service, You can get them bundled together and pay one low price and get both services. It is just $11 more to add the Tv Time service(2 connection plan) when bundled. You can purchase a bundled plan by heading to Big Erns w/ Tv Time or Clear w/Tv Time

tldr: Tv Time makes a great backup service and gives you 2 connections for a super low price. This allows you to watch live tv on upto 3-7 different devices!(depending on how many your other Plan includes). The other major feature and main reason to add this on is to gain access to its over 1000+ different 24/7 channels. If your unfamiliar with what a 24/7 channel is, its basically a channel that just keeps playing movies or tv show episodes from the same theme/series/genre. For example, a Dukes of Hazzard 24/7 channel just plays episodes of that series back to back to back. A Star Wars 24/7 channel will just play star wars movies.