October 18, 2018

Reseller Info

This page will give some basic info and try to answer the most frequently asked questions about becoming a reseller. Your job as a reseller would be to get customers signed up and provide them support when they need help. You first must be a customer of mine and then once you have at least 10 customers of your own, you can give yourself your own service.

How do I get started? There is a minimum first credit purchase of 30 credits. This is to help weed out those not serious or looking to just get their own service cheaper. You would simply pay me $150 and that would get you your own “panel” ( which is the backend that is used to create customers accounts and extend their service ) and fund it with 30 credits ( $5 per credit ) I only accept payments via Cash app or messenger pay or zelle. All subsequent purchases of credits will be $5 ea with a minumim of 10 to be purchased at a time. You can get a bundle of 100 credits for $400 ( $4 per credit )

What is a credit? Credits are what is used to pay for peoples service in your panel. One credit is worth one months worth of service for 1 device. It costs 1.5 credits for 1mo of service for 2 connections, 2 credits for 1 month of service for 3 connections and 3 credits for 1month of service with 5 connections. There is a discount for 6 months of service. Six months of service costs 5-6-8-10 credits for 1-2-3-5 connections at a time.

How much money can I make? You can sell the service under your “brand” for however much you choose as long as the price is at least $15-20-25-35 per month for 1-2-3-5 devices at a time. So at the $5 per credit cost, you would make $10-12.5-15-20 profit off of each person who subscribes for a month at the bare minimum pricing. Your total income would be based on how many subscribers you have and continue to renew their service each month. For example if you have 25 customers all paying for just 1 connection a month that is $250 a month profit.

How do I sell the service? Your friends and family would be great to start with and you can post in buy/sell/trade groups on facebook, craigslist, put up flyers around town, have a website and drive traffic to it, post youtube videos, almost anything. You can create a “demo” account and use it to give trials to people and then change the username once they are done so you can use the account to give it to someone else for a trial.

Do you offer support to resellers? Yes. Im here to help you succeed. There is a special resellers group on facebook where we can all chat and I have videos posted with how tos to help each reseller. I offer websites to resellers for their use that are similar to mine ( at an additional cost ) and provide written instructions on installing and using the different apps for the service that you can share with your customers.

Can I have the people I already had sign up for you now go through me? No, while we greatly appreciate you spreading the word and helping us grow, customers cannot be transferred.

Can I at least give myself service? We dont want people signing up to be a reseller just so they can get their own service cheaper. So initially, you still have to pay for service through us. Once you have 10 paying customers you can contact me and we can arrange for you to begin providing service for yourself at renewal time.

Honesty and integrity are a must between resellers. We use first and last names for account usernames. ( anything else risks being deleted with no refunds ) This is to track people that try to keep getting free trials from other resellers or to make sure that a person stays signed up to whomever originally signed them. We will NOT tolerate trying to steal or lure away others customers. Anyone caught doing shady stuff will be booted. This includes signing up your family/friends that you already referred to us.

Most resellers create their own brand so there is an unbranded “generic” app available to use so there is no mention of any other services.