September 19, 2019


Orders are manually processed. I try to process everything right away but depending on when the order comes in, I may be sleeping, working or just busy. You will receive 2 emails. The first is an automated receipt. The 2nd one will come directly from me after I have processed your order. For renewing, please renew at least 1 to 2 days early to avoid any service interruption. ( Your expiration date is easily found within any app. Simply log out and then back in after your renewal has been processed to update the expiration date )

*****Orders placed after 8pm est. may not process until the next day.

Instead of returning here each month to renew your service (by purchasing a new monthly plan), you can opt to have your monthly payment automatically sent to us by enrolling in a subscription. It is recommended to enroll at least 1-2 days before your expiration date if your a current customer as it can take time for the payment to process and for us to renew your account. ( signing up for subscription early will help avoid service interuption ) We dont recommend signing up for a subscription right away if your a new customer purchasing a plan for the first time as your service may end before paypal processes your renewal payment. Its preferred to purchase a regular plan when first becoming a customer and then signing up for a subscription a few days before you expire.
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