August 26, 2020

Order/Renew VOD

We have a new billing website where you will create an account and place your order (new service or renewal). After your initial order, it will send an invoice(check spam) a few days before you expire that you can pay and the system will then renew your account.

After the initial payment through the system, an invoice will be generated each time payment is due. The invoice will be emailed to you and you can also log into your account to see the invoice. You can anually pay the invoice early or the system will automatically attempt to collect the payment on the due date. If you want to opt out of the auto-collect feature, send us an email after you have signed up to this new system.

Make sure you are entering your correct username when checking out if your an existing customer or the system will create a new account for you and you will lose whatever time you had remaining. You can email us if you need your proper username.

Watch this video for the proper way to order service and then click the link below it to be taken to the website so you can order.

When your ready to order, head to Order VodPro Service

Be sure to follow these instructions below once you get there.

***For FIRST time using the sign up platform***


STEP 1. Choose your plan

STEP 2. Enter your username exact. If youre new, create username here (no spaces or special characters)

STEP 3. Review and click “Checkout” (if there is a coupon code, you may apply it in this step.)

STEP 4. Fill out information completely (You’re registering to the site – Only need to do once). Enter your credit or debit card info (making sure you have entered the correct billing address above ) and press the complete checkout button< Remember the Email Address and Password you created to login into billing website at anytime!

STEP 5. Check your email for confirmation and your Service Username/Password (check spam if needed) You will be sent n invoice a few days before it is due and simply renew by paying the invoice or letting the system auto-collect the payment on the due date. ( check spam/junk if you dont see invoice )