August 7, 2019

Amazon Fire Device Install

For Amazon Fire devices ( Firetv, Firestick, Fire Cube ) you have 2 options available to install the app we use – Downloader app or Filelinked. Regardless of which method you choose to use to install, you will have your choice of 3 different apps you can use. They all offer the same content but each operate a little different and have their own layouts and features.

Below are the urls you will use with the Downloader method. There are 2 different urls available with each app just in case one isnt working.

Main App Link (Big Erns Tv) –
Backup Link for Main App (Big Erns Tv) –
Big Erns Plus App Link –
Backup Link for Big Erns Plus –
Big Erns Simple App Link –
Backup Link for Big Erns Simple App –

Install using Downloader
You will use the Downloader app on your Amazon device and enter the download url to then download the app of your choice to your device. Then simply click to install the app. Each app offers the same content, they just have different features and layouts and such.

The video below shows the process of installing the Big Erns Tv Main App. If you wanted to install one of the other apps simply change the url you use. If you have issues using that link then please use the backup link. The video also briefly details how to get Downloader app if you dont already have it.

Install using Filelinked (code is 68317557)
Filelinked is an app that gives you access to our personally created App store that has our tv service app as well as the apps we recommend. One convenient place for you to download everything from.

If you dont have filelinked, you can use downloader to get it by entering to download it.

Simply follow the video below to see how to get and use Filelinked on your Amazon device. Then you can select any of the apps and install them on your device.